LifeGroups and ImpactGroups

Better together. Voyage has created a couple of different ways to build strong, life-giving
relationships with others that will help us "go far." These avenues are known as LifeGroups and 
ImpactGroups. These groups are designed to help us fulfill our core practices of UP
(connecting with God), IN (connecting with each other), and OUT (connecting with the

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

–African Proverb


A LifeGroup is a small group of about 6-10 adults who meet weekly to grow in relationship with each other and with God. There are three separate phases to LifeGroups at Voyage. There is some benefit to doing these three phases in sequence, however, any order works fine. A typical LifeGroup meeting lasts roughly 90 minutes to two hours. We ask that if you join a LifeGroup that you commit to the full 8-10 weeks so that everyone can realize the maximum growth in the group. 

-Phase 1 - Starting Point - 8 Weeks
-Phase 2 - Turning Point - 6 Weeks
-Phase 3 - Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts - 3 Weeks
-Phase 4 - Launching Point - 6 Weeks

The overall aim is "taking a next step with God."


ImpactGroups are mid-sized groups (10-30 adults, plus kids). The overall aim is to become all that God intends for you to be. This may include Bible Study, service projects, community events, and deep conversation. ImpactGroups are committed to following Jesus Christ by intentionally focusing on these 3 things:

  • Growing Spiritually (UP)
  • Living in community with one another (IN)
  • Reaching out individually and together (OUT)

The overall aim is "growing into God's purpose for my life."

How is this different from a LifeGroup?

LifeGroups are typically smaller groups and they focus primarily on connecting people with each other (IN) and with God (UP), and only slightly on serving others (OUT). ImpactGroups build on the foundation laid in LifeGroups, but emphasis shifts to reaching out to others in an ongoing, relational way (OUT). 

ImpactGroups are open groups. They welcome new members at any time during the year. Click here for a list of our ImpactGroups, their meeting times, as well as their leader and contact information.


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