Out Of This World: What's Your Witness?

Jesus tells us that we should be in the world but not of it, and He showed us how we should live and the things we should be concerned about. One of the things he did most was to make intentional connections with people that helped propel them forward in their journey with God. This is what Voyage is going to collectively strive toward in the coming year through individual efforts from Voyagers, as well as several all church events throughout the year.

Our Out of This World: What's Your Witness? campaign is designed to encourage Voyagers to define and understand their witness to the world, and then go and share with others what Christ has done in your life. There are three specific categories that we are challenging Voyagers to push into when having these moments of missional connection - Purposeful Community, Natural Relationships, and Intentional Spiritual Conversations.

Purposeful Community

Be around people who don't know Jesus - either by engaging with them in their natural community or welcoming them into your family life and family activities. This may include:

  • Group Hospitality
  • ImpactGroup Events - particularly outreach events
  • Neighborhood Events - block party, bonfire, game night, neighborhood cookout, etc.

Natural Relationships

Natural relationships either already exist or have potential to exist in your current life context. The "outreach" happens when you intentionally engage these people in conversation or set time aside to do something "normal" with a person you already know to open up space for conversation about things that matter in life. This may include:

  • One-on-one meeting with a good friend
  • Ministry of presence - showing up for someone when they just need support and a few words
  • Build relationships with non-Christians
  • Serving someone who has recently lost a loved one
  • Going to an event a friend has worked hard on
  • Spending time walking around your neighborhood and engaging your neighbors

Intentional Spiritual Conversations

Ultimately our goal in building Purposeful Community and Natural Relationships is to begin the process of having Intentional Spiritual Conversations. Throughout the year we will offer training in how to have these conversations, but these types of conversations can include:

  • Sharing the Gospel with a non-Christian in a tactful manner
  • Asking about their story and sharing your story
  • Talking about spiritual things
  • Connecting conversations back to your faith in a way that feels natural
  • Individual conversations within a group event
  • Praying with someone
  • Words of encouragement that reflect how God sees someone
  • Encouraging someone by acknowledging ways you see them using their gifts
  • Asking good questions about people's thoughts on spiritual things

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Where Do I Start?

Voyagers can start with "persons of peace" in their lives if they are not sure where to find non-Christians. Persons of peace are people in your life who you are close with who may be open to conversations about spiritual things or who might be looking to grow in their relationship with God. Look within the context of where God has already placed you - where do you already have influence and overlap?

  • Your job/close coworker
  • Your kids' school
  • Your extended family
  • The coffee shop you frequent
  • Other parents and your kids' activities
  • College friends you keep in touch with
  • Your neighbor
  • Your own children/grandchildren/extended family
  • Your classmates/school friends

The list is as long and diverse as the people of Voyage - we have each been placed in different contexts. This is why this campaign can be so powerful - think of the things God can do through us collectively when each of us listen and take action individually!

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