Our Story: Love is why

Love. That's where this church comes from and that is where it's going. We are imperfect people who have found hope and meaning in God's love. We want to experience that love for ourselves and to have it change us from the inside out. We want to share God's love with others. Our vision is to help people take their next step with God.

Voyage Church officially began on September 22, 2013. Voyage Church exists because of God's love in action, and, God willing, Voyage Church will always point to God's love as the reason for its existence.


–Dorothy Day, Little By Little

Voyage Church Intro Video

Wes and Rita Tillett

Wes and Rita Tillett grew up together. They were midde-school sweethearts. They went their separate ways in college until one Christmas day—when they weren't even dating—Wes showed up at Rita's doorstep to ask if she'd marry him. Today they are the proud and grateful parents of four children, Tobias, Kidest, Avalyn, and Noah.

Wes and Rita served in various churches in Virginia, Indiana, the Middle East (Lebanon), and Michigan before being called to start and lead Voyage church. The Tillett family moved
to Kalamazoo in the fall of 2011.