Past Sunday Messages

Did you miss a Sunday at Voyage Church? Do you want to revisit one of our previous messages? Here you will find previous messages from our past four Sundays. An archive of messages can be found at Voyage Church's Vimeo page.

Voyage Church Vimeo

Join us as we continue our series "Next Level Lifestyle" by watching yesterday's message on Humility!

Voyage Message 11-11-2018 from Voyage Church on Vimeo.

Continuing our journey to a "Next Level Lifestyle" we explore Generosity. Check it out!

Voyage Message 11-18-2018 from Voyage Church on Vimeo.

Jesus' hospitality is Wildy Welcoming and Lifechangely Helpful! Find out more by watching the message as we begin our new series, "Next Level Lifestyle."

Voyage Message 11-4-2018 from Voyage Church on Vimeo.

Catch the finale to our "How to Love Poeple you Don't Like" here!

Voyage Message 10-28-2018 from Voyage Church on Vimeo.